Graduate Program

The Masters of Arts in Latin American Studies provides students with the skills and knowledge to understand and analyze the societies of Latin America, US Latino/a/x populations, and the Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean. Past graduates have embarked on a wide array of potential careers, including advanced degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and law; the foreign service and other government agencies including the military; non-governmental organizations with an international or cross-cultural orientation; international business; and businesses and social services serving the growing Latino/a/x population in North Carolina.

The M.A. program in Latin American Studies has the following educational objectives:

  • to study the culture, geography, history, politics, and society of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • to provide an understanding of the socio-cultural background of populations of Latin American descent in the United States
  • to understand economic development and underdevelopment from a comparative perspective
  • to undertake interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences using a variety of methodologies
  • to instill writing and critical thinking skills by teaching rigorous scholarly inquiry and research methods at a level appropriate for graduate education
  • to develop language competencies in Spanish and/or Portuguese

Time to Degree

Students must earn 30 credits to graduate. Most students will do this over four semesters. Students generally take course work for one year before determining their capstone track. Some will write an MA thesis; others will do specialty exams; others will do a professional portfolio. Students are encouraged to speak with the graduate program director to determine which track will best serve their particular goals and needs.

Complete the Program in One Calendar Year

The 1-Year MA program allows motivated students to complete their MA in one year. This option is especially ideal for students receiving funding from an employer. Students interested in graduating in one calendar year will take 4 courses per semester as well as one course and their MA exam during the summer.


The Latin American Studies program offers a limited number of competitive GTAships. These positions consist of a stipend of $14,000 USD and a waiver for the equivalent of in-state tuition. All applicants are considered for these positions; no extra application is required.

Admission and Progression Requirements, and all Program Requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog.