LTAM Double Major!

Students with a second major may count up to 9 credit hours from courses fulfilling requirements in that major towards requirements for the Latin American Studies degree.  Students doing a major/minor combination may count up to 6 hours credit from courses used in the minor towards the requirements for the Major in Latin American Studies.  These stipulations include cross-listed courses regardless of the program designation under which the course was taken.  Exceptions may be approved by an advisor upon consultation with the other program or department.  

  • “The idea that a double major “slows down” a student’s graduation is not accurate. A double major allowed me to focus on my classes more intently as I followed through the track to ensure that I was getting the most out of it and not burning out in either discipline. Our country is becoming more and more blended and the idea of being able to double major is a huge benefit. Double majoring allows students to continue on their track in their first major while also preparing for the rapidly growing and changing world around us.”
  • “I graduated with a Triple Major one of those being Spanish…I pursued an early entry program for the Latin American Masters and to be honest none of it put me behind schedule at just 21 years old… I graduated with three majors.”
  • “Even though many might say that a double major may cause a student to fall behind I honestly don’t believe so because I never had this issue. Even though I didn’t live on campus I was still fully enrolled in school by being president and member of clubs such as the American Criminal Justice Association and the Spanish club.”

***It is worth noting that it is not a mandate for students to pursue double majors as a requisite for graduation. However, we invite students to consider this exceptional opportunity.