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The program in Latin American Studies leading to the Master of Arts degree provides students with the skills and knowledge to understand and analyze the societies of Latin America and the Caribbean—a region of key importance in the age of globalization and mass migration. The program will provide an excellent foundation for advanced graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, and law. It is also designed to prepare the growing number of students who seek careers in the foreign service and other government agencies as well as those who will seek employment in non-governmental organizations with an international or cross-cultural orientation, or in international business. Finally, it will also serve as an important qualification for individuals in education and the social services who work with the burgeoning Hispanic population of North Carolina.

The M.A. program in Latin American Studies has the following educational objectives:

  • to study the culture, geography, history, politics, and society of Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean
  • to provide an understanding of the socio-cultural background of the Latino population in the United States
  • to understand economic development and underdevelopment from a comparative perspective
  • to undertake interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences using a variety of methodologies
  • to instill writing and critical thinking skills by teaching rigorous scholarly inquiry and research methods at a level appropriate for graduate education
  • to develop language competencies in Spanish and/or Portuguese

Admission and Progression Requirements, and all Program Requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog. Please see the information below:

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More Information

For further information, contact: Dr. David Dalton, Graduate Program Director